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Board Members

Ken Matthews - Chair

Retired Attorney

Ken Matthews is a native Oklahoman who first came to Colorado in 1974, following graduation from the University of Oklahoma.

He served as a US Army officer for 3 years and returned to OU, where he received his law degree.

Ken has practiced law in Norman, Oklahoma (oil and gas), Colorado Springs (general civil litigation), and Denver where he had a Family Law Practice in partnership with his wife Leslie. Ken retired from the practice of law after 36 years in May, 2015.

Ken was a rugby player, coach, referee, and administrator for 35 years; playing while in college and law school, the US Army, and with both the Colorado Springs Grizzlies and the Denver Barbarians rugby clubs. He coached Denver East High School rugby club for 8 years during which East was State Champion on multiple occasions.

Ken and Leslie have owned property in Salida since 2006, were part-time residents for some years, and became full-time residents following retirement. Believing retirement is an opportunity to give to the community, Ken serves on the Board of Directors of Chaffee Housing Trust and Full Circle Restorative Justice.

Bowman Russell — Co-Chair

High School Student
Peer Mediator

Hi I’m Bowman Russell. I have lived in Salida since the age of 1. I’m 16 years old and attend Salida High School as a sophomore. I enjoy playing competitive sports and enjoy school. After high school, I am wanting to go to CU Boulder to study engineering.

I believe restorative justice is a process that is very positive and transformational. That is why I decided to join FCRJ. FCRJ has done many great things for the community and for the empowerment of victim. It is FCRJ’s goal to provide a platform for offender accountability while separating them from their act, and helping them see impacts of their choices.

Dan Shore - Board Member

Dan Shore and his family moved to Salida, Colorado 10 years ago and are really grateful to be part of this community. After spending 30 years as a business development officer with various mutual fund companies, Dan wanted to become more involved locally. Dan retired in 2018 and has been serving the local community ever since. He is currently a council member for the City of Salida and served as president of the Salida Rotary club until June 2019 and is now Secretary. He has also been a mentor with Family and Youth Initiatives for the past five years and is passionate about supporting youth.

When Dan speaks it is with purpose, calm and clarity. He is an important leader in the community modeling civility amid conflict. His insight on the Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ) board strengthens the resolve of our leadership to uphold our shared values of relationship, communication, responsibility, equity and service using restorative practices. Dan states, “It has been an honor to serve this community!”

In his spare time, Dan enjoy hiking, skiing with his dog, mountain biking and as he puts it, “living the Colorado dream!”

Zechariah Papp - Board Member

Harriet Alexander Airfield - Chaffee County

Zechariah is the Airport Manager at the Salida Airport. ​He has ​grown up in Salida, CO​ and joined the FCRJ Board in 2016.

“​I love getting involved with the youth and community, and trying daily to make the world a better place. I have seen firsthand problems with the judicial system, and truly believe that justice does not always mean punishment.​”​

Scott Hughes - Board Member

Scott has been a resident of Salida for 20 years, moving from his native Cincinnati to be a guide on the Arkansas River. For a number of years, Scott combined seasonal work (Monarch Mountain, river guiding, landscaping) to make ends meet.

Scott grew up in a family who preached that their children must learn from mistakes. This ethic was instilled in him. His desire to work with children led to a 10-year career with Salida’s Boys & Girls Club. In 2018, Scott opened the Fun Street Family Arcade on F Street in Salida. F Street Family Arcade was intended to and has become Salida’s “teen club”, providing a safe, wholesome, supervised place for Salida’s youth to congregate, socialize, and recreate.

It was a natural progression for Scott to take his caring for children and teens to the Full Circle Restorative Board of Directors, also in 2018. He had seen some kids have difficulties in life after becoming involved in the criminal justice system and wanted to support Restorative Practices as an alternative. Scott serves as the Treasurer of the Board.

Scott continues to enjoy all outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and being on the Arkansas River.

Lesley Fulton - Board Member

Lesley Fulton hails originally from Mississippi, but she’s called Colorado home since she finished her college studies in 2012. She holds a bachelor’s degree is social and clinical psychology, and she has over 9 years of marketing and social science research experience. Lesley lives in Salida and works as a project director for a market research consultancy.

Lesley began volunteering with FCRJ in the summer of 2019, and she completed facilitator training the following fall. In the spring of 2020, she joined FCRJ’s board of directors. Lesley has a strong interest in restorative practices, and she’s passionate about playing a part in FCRJ’s work to improve the outcomes of those who might otherwise find themselves stuck in or deal with lifelong collateral consequences of the traditional criminal justice system. She believes that restorative practices can have a lasting positive impact on communities and that FCRJ plays a major part in that for Chaffee County.

When she isn’t working, Lesley enjoys trail running, backpacking and climbing the many high peaks that Colorado has to offer. She’s a baker, art collector, music enthusiast and dog mom. Lesley loves her Salida community, and she’s looking forward to spending many more years here.

Talmage Trujillo - Secretary

Horizons Exploratory Academy

Bio & Picture Coming Soon

Magdalena Rosa - Board Member

Public Defender

I’m a lawyer who has worked as Public Defender for 19 years.  I’ve dedicated my life’s work to defending the rights of the poor and low-income members of our community; working to safeguard that that they be treated equally, with dignity, and respect within the criminal justice system.    I’m also a wife and mother of two daughters.  I love spending weekends hiking with my dog, watching my daughter’s soccer games, and skiing and rafting with family and friends. 

Other Volunteers

Judy Dockery

Judy was born in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. She moved to Salida a few years ago in October.. She has volunteered for Sunshine Shelter and AADA along with her current volunteering for Full Circle Restorative Justice. .

She has three children – all of whom are very accomplished in their chosen fields. Her son Bob, has a Phd and is a professor at Clemson University. Judy’s other son, Greg, is a lawyer in Salida and her daughter is a Phd professor in Hong Kong.

Judy received her AB Degree at the University of North Carolina and her JD Degree at William and Mary University/Marshall Wythe School of Law.

Before she went to law school, she was a junior high teacher in San Diego, California. She also worked in a personal business she and her husband created. After her time in law school she practiced law in Virginia Beach, was a special judge for mental commitment hearings and a lawyer mediator.

Wherever Judy has lived, she has contributed greatly to her community. She has volunteered in Salida ever since she has moved here. In Virginia Beach she served on the planning commission and was Vice Chair for 7 year. She also served on the board of the SPCA for 17 years, 3 of which she was president and for another year was secretary. Judy served on the founding Board of VA. Beach Free Health Clinic and also was a Crisis Hotline volunteer. Judy was also a part time photography model in Virginia Beach.

Ruth Phillips

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Ruth Phillips looked forward to leaving the city and experiencing life in a small mountain town.

So after graduating from college with a degree in special education, she was offered a job to begin a program for kids with learning disabilities in the elementary school in Salida.

Thirty years later she retired and began volunteering with a variety of programs helping others facing life’s challenges by working with Hospice, The Red Cross, and Ark-Valley Humane Society.

Her recent interest in FCRJ came about when she was invited to bring her certified therapy dog, Abby, to play a role in the circles. She is just beginning her facilitator training and participated in the Volunteer Offender Education Group (VOEG) that will be working with inmates in the Buena Vista Correctional Facility.

She has lived in Salida with her husband, Greg, for 42 years.

Greg Phillips

Greg Phillips has always loved the mountains and outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. These interests led him to Salida where he taught elementary school for 30 years.

After retiring, he became more involved in developing a path geared toward compassion and serving the needs of those most underserved.

This led him to work with organizations such as Hospice, The Red Cross, Ark-Valley Humane Society, and FCRJ. He is being trained to work as a facilitator and participated in the Volunteer Offender Education Group (VOEG) that will be working with inmates in the Buena Vista Correctional Facility.

He has lived with his wife, Ruth, in Salida for 42 years.


Abby has been a certified therapy dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, a national organization, for 4 years. She’s a 7 year old border collie and also competes in agility competitions in Colorado.

Her therapy work includes visiting nursing homes, schools, and Restorative Justice Circles. She loves people and seems to have a sixth sense in determining who is most in need of unconditional love and attention.

Phil Sasso

From points East to Colorado in 1969, ski patrolled winters and built (and flipped) houses summers. Emt training led to BS in nursing. 17 years ICU and the last 9 in ER. Then back to flipping houses til retirement. Two years with Mentor Plus program. Buddhist practitioner.

Because justice does not always mean punishment

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