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Board Members

Magdalena Rosa - Board Chair

Public Defender

I’m a lawyer who has worked as Public Defender for 19 years.  I’ve dedicated my life’s work to defending the rights of the poor and low-income members of our community; working to safeguard that that they be treated equally, with dignity, and respect within the criminal justice system.    I’m also a wife and mother of two daughters.  I love spending weekends hiking with my dog, watching my daughter’s soccer games, and skiing and rafting with family and friends. 

Arden Trewartha - Vice Chair

Learning and Development Manager - Omni Institute

Arden Trewartha has lived in the Upper Arkansas Valley of Central Colorado for 25 years, starting in Leadville and moving down valley to the “warmer weather” of Salida. She’s worked in jobs ranging from co-founding and directing a startup organization dedicated to health promotion among low-income children, youth, and families, to joining Peace Corps Peru as a health promoter with her spouse in their 40’s. Most recently she worked with several foundations dedicated to health equity, developing community-driven strategies with people most impacted by issues, to identify, envision and implement local and regional solutions. Arden believes that restorative justice is a way to reimagine the justice system, repair harm, and restore relationships among individuals, groups, and the greater community.

Scott Hughes - Board Treasurer

Scott has been a resident of Salida for 20 years, moving from his native Cincinnati to be a guide on the Arkansas River. For a number of years, Scott combined seasonal work (Monarch Mountain, river guiding, landscaping) to make ends meet.

Scott grew up in a family who preached that their children must learn from mistakes. This ethic was instilled in him. His desire to work with children led to a 10-year career with Salida’s Boys & Girls Club. In 2018, Scott opened the Fun Street Family Arcade on F Street in Salida. F Street Family Arcade was intended to and has become Salida’s “teen club”, providing a safe, wholesome, supervised place for Salida’s youth to congregate, socialize, and recreate.

It was a natural progression for Scott to take his caring for children and teens to the Full Circle Restorative Board of Directors, also in 2018. He had seen some kids have difficulties in life after becoming involved in the criminal justice system and wanted to support Restorative Practices as an alternative. Scott serves as the Treasurer of the Board.

Scott continues to enjoy all outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and being on the Arkansas River.

Richard Hacker - Board Secretary

Richard has been living in rural Custer County since 2007. He is a retired member of the Alaska Bar Association as well as a Professor Emeritus of the University of Alaska. In 2017 and 2018 Richard was the Municipal Judge for the towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff.

His interest in social justice led him to obtain a Master’s in Social Work before later going to law school. He has worked with youth in multiple settings throughout the years, including years of substitute teaching both in Alaska and Colorado after retiring from the University of Alaska.


Nick Tolsma - Board Member

Nick Tolsma grew up on an alfalfa/barley farm outside of Alamosa, CO in the San Luis Valley. After graduating from Alamosa High School, he went to Colorado State University in Fort Collins. In 2005, Nick graduated CSU with a B.S. in Natural Resources Management and B.A. in Sociology, Concentration in Criminal Justice. Nick moved back to the San Luis Valley and was accepted at the Southern Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (SCLETA) at Trinidad State Junior College, Alamosa, CO starting his career in law enforcement with his first agency in 2006. Nick moved to Chaffee County in 2011 and he is currently serving as a patrol sergeant for the City of Salida.

Throughout his career, Nick has witnessed hundreds of juveniles navigate the criminal justice system. Nick believes that most juveniles are successful with diversion if they are involved with repairing the harm they caused to the victims though self-accountability. Nick was drawn to serve on the board as a liaison with law-enforcement and Full Circle Restorative Justice which has been a collaborative process while restoring connections.


While Nick is off duty, he enjoys spending time in the mountains with his family.

Justice does not always mean punishment

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