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Dear Community Members, Donors, Friends and Volunteers,

Please join me in kicking off the Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ) year-end Community Reflections for Transformation Fundraiser! Help us reach our goal of $10,000 by December 31, 2020. Give today, Colorado Gives Day and throughout the rest of the year.

With the many losses this year, we have all also experienced moments or connections that have kept us going or renewed our hope. Our stories can transform our community! FCRJ needs to hear your stories and reflections. We also need your financial support.

Take action today toward community-based restorative justice and increased equity in our communities, here’s how:

  1. Share your moments of hope, stories of connection and reflections by emailing We will highlight what you share on our social media and on our website. If you’d like us to talk with you one-on-one or help you write your story email or call 719-530-5597.
  2. Click here to donate on Colorado Gives Day and at any other time for FCRJ restorative programs - transforming our communities, schools and judicial system.
  3. Sign up as a Transformation Maker by becoming a monthly recurring donor!
  4. Contact five people and share this fundraiser email. Ask them to share a story and donate.
  5. Become a volunteer, email Kimberly Parker at

FCRJ is improving the health and safety of our community through restorative prevention and intervention.

In 2020, FCRJ continued to offer restorative justice juvenile and adult diversion, allowing for a more equitable and safe way to deal with harm or criminal behavior.  Restorative Justice Diversion (RJD)

  • gives victims the ability to determine what they need to heal,
  • offers those who caused harm or broke the law a way to take full responsibility and gives them the ability to repair what has been done to the fullest extent possible,
  • surrounds all parties with community members to offer support for reintegration and moving forward,
  • and shows the lowest rates of recidivism for all criminal system diversions.

FCRJ School Programs served over 100 students in 2020 through training in restorative practices and conflict resolution and diverted cases from the judicial system.

Community restorative justice involves us all, will you join us?

Yours in Community,

Because justice does not always mean punishment

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We depend on and greatly appreciate grant funding and individual donations to support our work. Please consider donating.