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Molly Leach Joins FCRJ Staff

Molly Leach

FCRJ is honored and excited to welcome Molly Leach on board. Ms. Leach is the founder and executive producer of Restorative Justice on The Rise, a nationally regarded podcast and resource hub for dialogue and education on RJ and related peacebuilding topics founded in 2011 and featuring dialogues with the world's leaders in restorative justice, including Howard Zehr, Kay Pranis, Dr. Johan Galtung, Fania Davis, James O'Dea, Bryan Stevenson, and many others.  She is a certified facilitator and has worked cases in both the San Luis Valley and Chaffee County.

She served for 3.5 years as Restorative Justice Fellow at The Peace Alliance, and is a high-level partner with the NACRJ. Her devotion to the field combines in-the-trenches work in schools and prisons as well as catalyzing re-entry programs. She has trained and facilitated with globally respected restorative practices leaders such as Dominic Barter and Sylvia Clute, and here in Colorado was an apprentice of sorts to the late and deeply respected Dr. Beverly Title, founder of the Longmont Community Justice Partnership. She has been indirectly involved with the state council and supporting political advocacy in Colorado and nationally since 2012, forming a friendship with Rep. Pete Lee and offering virtual town halls to address positives and push-backs around the exponential growth of RJ in Colorado and beyond.

She was producer and host of "Teaching Peace in Schools", a wildly successful 10-week webinar co-hosted by RJ on The Rise, The Peace Alliance and the NACRJ addressing how restorative justice and other topics such as SEL and mindfulness can help transform school communities. It featured 4500 participants from across the country and continent, and guidance from field leaders such as Dominic Barter (Restorative Circles), Kay Pranis, Nancy Riestenberg, Carolyn Boyes-Watson, Rep. Tim Ryan, and CamishaFatimah Gentry.

Ms. Leach is a syndicated writer and journalist, with her works featured at such high-traffic sites as Truth-Out, Open Democracy, YES! Magazine online, Daily Good, and a chapter in the upcoming Oxford University Press anthology, "Current Debates in Peace and Conflict Studies".

Above all, she is a mother of 11 year old David, and has coached for Chaffee County United Soccer Club since 2014. Her family enjoys skiing/snowboarding, river-watching, and hiking. She is also involved as a guest DJ at KHEN, offering justice and youth related programming and sitting in for regular DJs.
Molly brings expertise that is both hands on and based in over 140 hours worth of conversations and trainings with leading practitioners in schools and communities. She has facilitated staff-parent circles, community processes, assault cases with adults and minors, and witnessed how restorative justice significantly ups the chances of justice for all involved. Her passion for education and implementation as well as publicity and leveraging technology to amplify solutions will be a powerful force for FCRJ.

Connect with Molly on Twitter at @mollyrowanleach, at LinkedIn and on Facebook.

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