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Holiday Appeal and 2017 Highlights!

Thank you for your contributions! It is because of our wonderful community that we continue to expand and grow!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ; 501(c)3) serves the 11th Judicial Districtof Colorado and has provided restorative practices and programming in Chaffee County and surrounding counties since April 2006. Restorative Justice (RJ) is a victim-centered process and is a different way of thinking about crime and our response to crime which:

  • focuses on repairing the harm caused by crime and reducing future harm through crime prevention
  • requires juvenile offenders to take responsibility for their actions and for the harm they have caused
  • seeks redress for victims, recompense by offenders and reintegration of both within the community
  • requires a cooperative effort by communities and the government

This is our twelfth year serving Chaffee County, and in that time we’ve worked with a majority of juveniles and adult cases referred to us by our DA, Judges, Police, Schools and parents. The impact of RJ in Colorado shows a 9% recidivism rate--meaning those who complete RJ programs are much less likely to re-offend within a year, compared to a 70% rate of re-offense for offenders that are prosecuted through the criminal justice system.

Participation in our process involves many members of our community. Mr. Fernando Garcia, who serves as Regional Assets Manager for Safeway, says that FCRJ…

“...brings communities together. The fact that [FCRJ] brings victims to the table and allows them the opportunity to verbally share their losses, their damages and their emotions is of utmost importance to everyone in the room. Also vital is the education that everyone in the room receives, which is beneficial for the community as a whole.”

Thank you for helping keep our youth engaged in a positive conflict resolution process which results in a safer community. Your tax-deductible Holiday Contribution will go directly to help support FCRJ programming in Chaffee County and beyond. Please check out our 2017 Highlights, and use the form and SASE to easily return your contribution. Most of all, thank you for all you do to make this a very special place to live.

Many Thanks & Happy Holidays,

Molly Leach, Executive Director

Full Circle Restorative Justice - PO BOX 699 - Salida, CO 81201
Office: 719-530-5597| | Like us on FB!
*FCRJ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization EIN 26-1418606


    • Victim - Offender Conferencing and Restorative Circles - Full Circle Restorative Justice fosters a dialogue between offender and victim, draws up a contract which calls for specific steps offenders must take to repair the harm, and has shown high rates of victim satisfaction, accountability by the offender, and reduced recidivism.
    • Paws For Peace - We offer Certified Therapy Dogs in our program, nationally recognized as one of the first programs combining restorative practices with the compassion of canines.
    • Restorative Justice in Schools - FCRJ continues to build partnerships with Chaffee County K-12 schools to collaborate in implementing peer mediation, restorative practices, and nonviolent communication into the school culture. We have also received direct school referrals.

Representatives of Full Circle Restorative Justice celebrate with Chaffee County commissioners Tuesday after the commissioners issued a proclamation designating October as Conflict Resolution Month. From left are Patty LaTaille, Former Full Circle Executive Director; Commissioner Keith Baker; Commissioner Dave Potts; Commissioner Greg Felt; and Molly Leach, Full Circle Executive Director.

  • Effective Justice for Local Businesses - FCRJ has built relationships with Chaffee County businesses that help prevent theft and provide processes which focus on accountability and the impact on business owners.
  • Police, Community & Court Referrals - FCRJ receives direct Police referrals and Municipal Court referrals. FCRJ also received direct referrals from parents and community members.
  • Building Community Alliances – FCRJ is an active member of the Chaffee County Youth Alliance and of both Salida and Buena Vista Chambers of Commerce.
  • Prison Programs – FCRJ works with Jennie Curtis and the Insight Prison Project to provide 12-week VOEG (Victim Offender Education Group) Trainings for inmates at Buena Vista Correctional Facility, and more recently at Canon City’s Correctional Facilities.

“Chaffee County’s collaboration with and support of Full Circle Restorative Justice establishes the precedent of serving Victims and Youth involved in the criminal justice system with a positive approach to repairing harm and relationships within the community.”
-Official Proclamation from Chaffee County's Board of Commissioners Excerpted from “October is Conflict Resolution Month” 10/10/17

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Full Circle Restorative Justice, PO Box 699, Salida CO 81201

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Because justice does not always mean punishment

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