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Hola to all of FCRJ's Fabulous Facilitators!!

Here at FCRJ, we keep on keeping on - thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!! We had 10 facilitators join us for our first Lunchtime monthly role play & facilitator practice session in April!

All trained facilitators are invited to join us for an RJ Practice & Potluck on Friday May 16 from noon - 2 p.m.. at the Conference room at 7405 Hwy. 50.

Lunch will be provided, so be ready to dine, discover and delight fellow FCRJ volunteers with your fabulous facilitator skills! 🙂

Please RSVP - and we look forward to re-connecting for lunch & to practice facilitating Restorative Circles together! Referrals are coming in, so we will need your experienced efforts in the very near future.

In Peace,

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