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FCRJ reluctantly reports that we must bid a fond farewell to our much loved and greatly appreciated Volunteer ​"​​Awesome Andy​"​.

Awesome Andy

He ​"​did it all​"​ here- as one of our most active and engaged FCRJ supporters! Andy volunteered as an FCRJ board member, a Lead facilitator, AAOPPS youth community service program supervisor, and initiated and manage​d​ our nascent ​V​ictim ​Offender ​Education ​G​roup ​P​rison program.

​Andy never sought recognition and gave of himself generously; clearly stat​ing​ during our farewell dinner that​,​ "​Facilitating the ​P​rison program and the ​C​ircles had to be the most rewarding work I've ever done!"

Andy's five-year commitment to FCRJ has demonstrated his hope for our society to see that doing things differently – that there's a possibility for healing and communication through volunteer efforts ​in ​bringing RJ to our often alienating justice system​ -​ ​is what real change requires.

​He asked, "​What if we really care​ ​about each other and help people who want to be helped?​" ​​Andy was amazed ​at ​the ability humans have to turn their lives around and learn better ways to handle conflict. He ​mentioned that he ​will never forget the powerful accidental death ​C​ircle ​where​ he participated as a community member/facilitator in training in ​Gunnison​, CO. ​"Watching impacted individuals work through such devastating life events and then come together with their families to heal is incredibly transformational - and miraculous!"

​"​I ​had the chance​ to see firsthand how extraordinary healing can be​," Andy commented. ​"What if we put our energy there ​- ​instead of buying more crap​ [promoting materialism] - ​and ​really ​changing what our country cares about​?"

What if...?

​As we ponder ... and continue on our path to be the "Change We Wish to See in this World", Andy heads to his new life (as a hermit 😉 & home in Iowa. We wish him well in his pursuit of happiness through solitude, creative expression (painting and writing) and watching all the films and Sherlocks that he now has time to catch up on!

​Fare thee well... we love you more than words can tell..."

Every time we gaze upon your paintings on the wall here in the office and Board room, your legacy lives on!

Artist Andy

XO from your FCRJ Family,

Patty & Kharmie, Kayla, Molly​, the BOD, and our Powerhouse of Volunteers!

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