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FCRJ Meets Anschutz Family Foundation Challenge Grant Goal

Here is how we reached our goal.

Full Circle Restorative Justice

2013 Anschutz Challenge Grant Donations

Chaffee County Commissioners $2,200.00
City of Salida $1,800.00
Salida Rotary Club $500.00
Monarch Community Outreach $500.00
Chaffee County Fair $2,000.00
Dunkly DeCew - Travel expenses to Longmont $195.00
Lunch for Officer James $60.17
Wine $ 20.00
Laminated Cards $ 47.96
Linda Erikson $50.00
Mary Beth Wetz $50.00
Mechanical Safety Engineering $50.00
Cheryl - Quick Books $25.00
Tim - Quick Books $25.00
Oren $100.00
Chuck Rose Jeannie Peters $25.00
Karen Lyle $75.00
Pinon Development Corporation (Rich) $150.00
Linda Price $75.00
Crest Counseling (Mike H.) 10 Sessions $350.00
Ira Curry - Wifi Card $25.00
Ira Curry $104.73
Mountain Motel $50.00 (AAOpps)
See’s Candy Fundraiser $233.00
TOTAL $8,710.86

Because justice does not always mean punishment

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County Courthouse Third Floor
Salida, CO 81201
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