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Changing the Culture of Conflict



Frank Holman, Lynn Lee, Patty LaTaille, and Pete Lee

Saturday, February 6th, we had a couple of amazing community outreach events with Representative Pete Lee from Colorado Springs, and his wife Lynn Lee who is a lead RJ facilitator. We want to thank everyone involved and all who participated to make these events successful! Our goal was to educate the community about RJ as a progressive social change movement throughout Colorado.

We are working to make our presence greater in Buena Vista. Our outreach brought in about 15 interested community members.

We have recently become members of the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce, and now we have a location where we can hold restorative circles for the Buena Vista community in BV (in the DHS conference room)!

In Salida, we had a turnout of over 40 interested community members to the educational outreach, and we all enjoyed the stories and questions that were shared.

Frank Holman, our board president, and the winner of the Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce "Man of the Year" award, introduced our speakers, Pete and Lynn Lee.

The evening dinner held at the Boat House was a huge success. Attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by the Boat House, and were able to observe and participate in a mock circle.

We thank our community for all of the support and donations, including Sacred Grounds; Brown Dog Roastery, Little Red Hen Bakery, the local Safeway, City Market and Walmart. Boat House also donated non-alcoholic beverages for the catered meal.

Thank you also to all of our volunteers who baked for, supported and attended these events!!

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