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2017 A Banner Year Thanks to Volunteers & Partners!

Our holiday party honored staff and volunteer facilitators: L to R--JD Longwell, Senior Adviser; Pete Watson, Facilitator-In-Training; Greg Phillips, seasoned facilitator and part of Therapy Dog Team and BV Prison Program; Molly Leach, Executive Director; Michelle Ricci, Board Member; Phil Sasso, Facilitator; Judy Dockery, Facilitator and BV Prison Program Facilitator; Laura Pintane, Facilitator and Therapy Dog Trainer; Ruth Phillips, seasoned faciliator and part of Therapy Dog Team and BV Prison Program.

Full Circle Restorative Justice would like to wish you a glorious, rewarding and productive new year. We want to honor all our incredible Volunteer Facilitators and Board, Community Partners, and present and past donors and contributors for all you've done to make us what we are today: a program growing fast and strong!
Some highlights of 2017 include:

  • Work with Municipal and District Courts
  • Significant Increases in Youth and Adults served
  • Provision of services in Chaffee County Schools
  • Extremely low recidivism (re-offense rate) (9.2%) for Colorado RJ programs including FCRJ
  • Growing Therapy Dog Services and increase in team members
  • Production of Therapy Dogs & RJ Webinar featuring over 100 attendees nationwide
  • Direct Police Referrals
  • And much's a benchmark year!

In our growing work with local businesses, clients are discovering the power we offer in giving victims and managers back a voice in how harm and crime are repaired.

One of our honored partners, Mr. Fernando Garcia, Regional Assets Manager of Safeway, Inc, has this to say about FCRJ:

Restorative Justice Ven Diagram

"Your program not only makes sure that there is justice for the victim but also for the perpetrator. Your program brings communities together and helps them understand the importance of living in what I would like to call harmony.The fact that you bring victims to the table and allow them the opportunity to verbally share their losses, their damages and their emotions is of utmost importance to everyone in the room. Lastly and to me this is vital, the education that everyone in that room receives is beneficial for the community  as a whole. The sharing and learning from both parties opens eyes for all of us not only for the victim and the perpetrator but for everyone. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have met you all. Keep up the great work."

May you and yours have a wonderful 2018!

Molly Leach, Executive Director

& JD Longwell, Stephanie Jones & The Entire Crew at Full Circle Restorative Justice

Because justice does not always mean punishment

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