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2012 FCRJ Accomplishments

A total of 30 cases referred from Diversion, Probation, BV and Salida Municipal Courts for Victim - Offender conferences.  FCRJ has processed 26 cases to date, with 16 successfully completed, 2 re-offenses after completing FCRJ, 2 incomplete and 2 closed due to re-offenses before completing FCRJ, and 8 cases are in progress.

Conducted Satisfaction Surveys with all Stakeholders at the completion of the Restorative Circle; of the 89 individuals surveyed:  79 rated the Evaluation approval/satisfaction rate with the RJ process as "very high".

Community awareness Fundraisers; Leon Joseph Littlebird Performance at the Boathouse Cantina in April 2012 - $1000+ in proceeds, Bake sale and proceeds from Ark Valley High Rollers derby bout, Moonlight Monkey Mondays on Memorial Day.

Actively involved 9 Board members and 4+ consistent AAOpps volunteers.

Collaborating with School System and Chaffee County in utilizing restorative circles as a method to address bullying and promote reconciliation.

Promoting the use of restorative justice and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) in the Chaffee County Detention facility, Juveniles on Probation and school districts.

Action Adventure Opportunities (AAOpps), the FCRJ Youth Program, offers a recreational, educational or cultural activity 3x's monthly; juveniles participate in a community service activity twice monthly.  AAOpps served over 80 teens in Fremont and Chaffee counties in 2011 and is mainly funded by fee for service and limited grants through Diversion & Probation.

Currently, over 80% of youth involved in AAOpps are successful and continue to be successful in their lives.  Success is measured by self-report assessments measuring increase in feelings of self worth, as well as tracking rates of recidivism through the Judicial District.

Recent AAOpps community service projects:  Ark-Valley and Fremont County Humane Societies, Valley to Valley Senior Care Center, Skyline Ridge Care Center in Canon, Caring and Sharing, Stone Soup Cafe, and AHVR derby bout.

Continuing education and promotion of Restorative Justice with new maintained website (, presentations for interested community members (Open House), local service clubs, Chaffee County courts personnel, community meetings and book clubs, and in Chaffee County High School and the Chaffee County Detention Facility.

Because justice does not always mean punishment

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